Know The Most Radical Sports To Practice

Check out the best sports to feel the adrenaline pulse in the vein!

Adventure sports are the great passion of those who like to have a busy, joyful, relaxed and energetic life. After all, the sensations obtained by going through these experiences are unparalleled.

If you are among the fans of this type of sport, know that there are plenty of options, whether at sea, on land or in the air. Check out the advantages that this can provide you and the available alternatives!


With so many possibilities, you can become a multisportsman and experience a different and positive experience every day


This can be considered as the first step for those seeking adventure sports, since it is not necessary to have any special equipment other than comfortable clothes and shoes.

It consists of facing urban obstacles through jumps, races, squats and other necessary movements. It is possible to start in parks and squares and then face other more challenging places.


There are several types of skateboarding and sport modalities, and their realization can help in balance and physical endurance. Skateboarding helps to keep the adrenaline always up there thanks to the speed and maintenance of balance.

It is important to prepare yourself with equipment such as a knee pad and a helmet, as falls will be common, especially at the beginning. After having more experience, it will be possible to try new maneuvers and techniques.


Brazil is a coastal country, which makes surfing a golden opportunity for lovers of adventure sports, who need a board to start practicing.

Cacimba do Padre (Fernando de Noronha – PE), Maresias (São Sebastião – SP), Praia Brava (Pico de Matinhos – PR), Itacoatiara (Niterói – RJ) and Praia do Rosa (Imbituba – SC) are great beaches for surfing in Brazil, but for those who want to start, it is possible to opt for others more peaceful and with smaller waves.


This is a radical sport that is not so well known, but it certainly deserves to be on the list. It is a variant of the slackline, in which practitioners need to balance and walk on a tape stuck in two points, with the difference that this is practiced at heights.

Generally, it is over 5 meters and its practice is recommended for those who already have enough experience in slackline. In addition, it is important to have knowledge of mountaineering to use the safety equipment properly.


Man in the air in double jump parachute with instructor
This one deserves a place of prominence. After all, when it comes to adventure sports, it’s very hard not to remember skydiving.

Safety is one of the main points in this sport that gains more fans every day and has existed in Brazil since the beginning of the 1930s. In addition, it is possible to gather friends and family so that all jump on the same day and thus feel the adrenaline in one of its purest forms.

If you want to get to the extreme of adrenaline, know that it is possible to take a skydiving course to be able to jump alone. After learning all the theory and practice, you can be your own instructor!


This is one more sport for those who like height, which can be practiced in mountains, bridges and other places.

It consists of jumping from a platform, whether fixed or not, with the practitioner having a rope attached to his body and other safety equipment, such as a helmet, for example.

It can be considered as the first step for those who are interested in parachute jumping, in order to get used to the free fall and, thus, know what awaits them in this jump.


Feel the adrenaline rush is already a big advantage, since this is a unique sensation, but those who practice this kind of sport can win in other areas. Some of the main advantages are as follows:

It becomes easier to deal with stressful and complicated situations of everyday life, since adventure sports lead their practitioners to break the physical and mental limits thanks to changes in the way they think and react. Thus, daily life tends to become more peaceful and comfortable.
Such sports also help to cope with fear and to face this type of situation when necessary, as well as allowing you to get the best out of each of them.

When practicing extreme sports, it is possible to work with different muscles of the body than you are used to, which can bring a slight discomfort in the beginning, but result in greater endurance and mobility, which in turn helps you to do other exercises.

The improvement in self-confidence is clear, since radical sports are full of challenges, and achieving them brings an additional dose of motivation that positively influences other activities in life.
Burning calories is another benefit that makes extreme sports even more suitable. Skateboarding for one hour, for example, burns 500 calories per hour, which helps you spend your body’s energy reserves and thus lose weight.


The benefits brought by sports are widely known, both for the body and for the mind, and can be enhanced through the most radical, which bring new emotions and sensations to those who practice them.

There are plenty of opportunities to turn this desire into reality and feel the adrenaline in the skin, which can change the way you face life and make your days even better.

Don’t miss this opportunity: practice each of the adventure sports and see which is your favorite. Whether it’s a skydiving school in São Paulo, a bungee jump bridge or the beach, it’s sure to be a fantastic experience for adrenaline lovers!

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