Sports Equipment

How to be well equipped to play sports?

Reasons to choose the right equipment to adapt

The resolution to get back into sport is confirmed! Now you have to choose your battle dress. This will help us to “sport” effectively… or at least make the sport easier for us and prevent us from giving up. But especially for Djibrine Fall-Télémaque (sports coach and full contact and kick-boxing coach) who is well equipped to do sport avoids small inconveniences such as injuries or cold snaps. And good news, today, it is no longer necessary to invest in a branded basketball when you play sports. For about fifty euros, there are totally “safe” sports equipment for our feet.

Sneakers, essential

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, whether you run indoors or outdoors, having a good pair of sneakers adapted to your body type is the first thing to consider. It is our weight that will define the need for cushioning in basketball. With a shoe with insufficient cushioning, there is a risk of injury to the knees, tendons and back.

You should therefore not hesitate to seek advice from a specialized salesman who will guide you towards the basketball that suits you best.

The 5 commandments of the perfect outfit for sports

If there is no standard list to choose your sports equipment, according to Djibrine Fall-Télémaque, you still need to have some essentials in your sports bag.

  • A good pair of basketball shoes
  • Good socks obviously go hand in hand, they help to maintain the feet
  • A gust of wind when you practice an outdoor sporting activity (jogging, tennis…)
  • A sports outfit with light, breathable and anti-perspirant fabrics
  • And when you’re a woman, a sports bra to support the chest.

When technology becomes a sports equipment in its own right

Sports equipment has also been influenced by technology. Obviously, there are some very advanced accessories like the Balobat connected tennis racket but more simply, we can all download on our smartphone an app that like a virtual coach helps us to measure evolution and performance.

And of course, we don’t forget the connected bracelets.

So, get ready, sport!

Choose Your Equipment To Run

On the occasion of this new school year, you have decided to get back into sport. Congratulations, good decision! And by watching these people running in fluorescent sneakers, fluorescent shorts and fluorescent jerseys in the morning, noon and evening, this crazy desire to join the “firefly club” was born. So here you are motivated as never before, ready to fight it out, but before you start like a cheetah in the savannah in search of a first exploit over 2 km 67, you will have to equip yourself with a minimum! But what do you need? Basically, a pair of sneakers. And I feel that your legs are shaking at the idea of starting now by grabbing the first sneakers that are lying around, but oh patience, young baby cheetah, it is better to be a little prepared if you don’t want to come back to your first race with a bell. So take the time to follow these few recommendations.

To get started

Running sneakers

You saw it coming and you were right: first of all, you need a pair of sneakers! There are currently models on the market for all budgets with an offer ranging from 20€ to over 200€. The most important thing is to run with a pair of shoes that are suitable for running. So there goes the old Converse with which you made your first “Rock en Seine”. And yeah, you need real sports trainers to keep your foot in place and avoid a sprain at the first obstacle, and that are strong and light enough to take you as far as possible! And to choose this first pair of running, the ideal is to go to a specialized store to be well advised.

A technical outfit

Unless you live all year round in a naturist club, you will also need to bring a textile outfit. Two schools: the “kings of recovery” will find shorts that were once used to work out and an old “2007 Foire du Trône” t-shirt that will not fear being soiled by your perspiration; the most perfectionists will look for the right outfit to avoid being considered a newbie. If you are in the first category, know that both cotton shorts and cotton t-shirts are really not ideal running options. As the fibre is not able to wick away perspiration, your t-shirt and shorts will gradually soak up, become heavier and stick to your skin. It won’t be very aesthetic and especially not very comfortable! This will therefore be a troubleshooting solution until you are equipped with technical, breathable, seamless (and halo-free) clothing. As long as the weather permits, shorts and a t-shirt will suffice. But as soon as the bad days come back, you will have to invest in new parts if your motivation is still intact!

Accessories Accessories

If you have sports socks, the “basic white” may be a good place to start. If you don’t have one, take the opportunity to buy running socks directly from us, which are specially designed to limit friction and therefore the risk of seeing beautiful blisters appear on your little cheetah baby’s feet. To protect you from the sun, the cap is also a very practical and not too expensive accessory that you can easily consider among your first purchases. Especially if you’re bald! What happens to very good people (um, um…). A two-in-one or even three in one product since the visor makes the use of sunglasses not necessarily essential and also protects against showers. Knowing that only the most snobbish of us can consider running with an umbrella. Finally, before venturing into the urban jungle, it may be useful to wear a belt or armband to take your keys or phone with you. This will allow you to measure your first achievements or even negotiate a mid-course repatriation in case of emergency. A subway ticket or some change can also make it easier for you to get back to safety.

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