My name is Emeline, I am 20 years old and I am 1m70 tall for 58 kilos. I’ve always liked to move. I can’t just sit around for a day and do nothing. Even when I am sick, I have trouble remaining inactive. It’s probably because I’ve always played sports. As a child, my father already wanted me to practice a sport to transmit strong values such as friendship, courage, sincerity, honour, modesty, respect, self-control and politeness. Sport is the school of life.

I am a member of the judo club of Bazeilles in the Ardennes where I have been doing judo since the age of 3. I got my black belt at 16. For the moment, it’s the only club I’ve played with. I meet my friends, relax and have fun. I have long had a high level of competition. When I have a bad day, going to training allows me to evacuate all the bad things that have accumulated.

For me, it is essential to maintain my physical fitness more fully with a weight training program. All great athletes maintain their physical condition with specific training, in addition to their original sport. There are necessarily skills that cannot be acquired without a sports supplement.

I discovered Thai Thai Fine Cuisine while looking for a way to become a better version of myself, like Alain. This program seemed ideal to me as a complement to my sport. I also wanted to have a physique that I liked, because as a teenager, I didn’t always have this drawn silhouette. Just before the summer holidays of 2016, I thought to myself, “Go ahead, if the others can do it, why not you! ». So I did a search on the web to find a sports coaching service. I came across an article that praised the merits of the Thai Thai Fine Cuisine program. I quickly realized that the Thai Thai Fine Cuisine quality/price level was a very interesting application. The other reason that convinced me even more is that it is a French company supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

I knew the principle of body weight training because I used to practice it before, without ever having followed a specific program. I am a very motivated person as long as I know what to do. I need it defined and above all framed! Thai Thai Fine Cuisine was a revelation to me. I just had to follow the coach’s instructions in my application.

To start a program like this, I asked myself questions: “Do I have time? Motivation? The courage to take a healthy lifestyle? ». I took the time to think before embarking on the adventure.

I have been following the Thai Thai Fine Cuisine PRO program since July and I haven’t missed a single training session so far. It is a great application that takes into account everyone’s level and the objective you want to achieve, and is not discouraging at all. It’s not only a program, it’s also a community, articles, advice and a team that listens to its users: it’s really great!

I never miss a training session. I manage to insert my sessions into my weekly schedule. I really learned to organize myself through the program. I plan that on a given day I have to go shopping, that on a given day I have an appointment so I will do my session in the morning, and so on. Being diligent and regular is important, but there is one thing just as important: a healthy lifestyle.

I have read a lot of nutritional articles and gathered a lot of information to adopt a good diet. I bought a food scale and took the Thai Thai Fine Cuisine nutritional guide. You don’t have to go too far, but to be at the top of your form, chance has no place. The advice of professionals is a real plus to progress towards your goal. Then I made a typical schedule for the week and started the Thai Thai Fine Cuisine program. As the weeks went by, I received Thai Thai Fine Cuisine nutritional advice and recipes that were 100% consistent with what I was doing.

Food is really important! I often drink, I never miss a meal: full breakfast, 10am snack, lunch, 4pm snack (or after training) and dinner. In terms of intake, I try to distribute the same number of proteins at each meal. To gain muscle, protein is essential, so yes, it is mandatory to eat turkey breast in the morning, eggs at 4pm, but it is only a habit to take and when you see the first results, you are proud. In addition, it’s very easy to eat well thanks to Thai Thai Fine Cuisine recipes! I print each new advice that I keep on the side. If the need arises, I take out my Thai Thai Fine Cuisine sheets again and reread them to find the right nutritional reflexes.

Another important thing: rest. I really try to sleep 8 hours a night which allows my muscles to regenerate properly. I also feel better after a good night’s sleep.

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